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Club Lateis

Have you ever heard about the antique tradition of the Friulian’ “Fogolàr”?


Lateis Club is the Pà Khraizar’ appointment to liven up your evenings on the first Friday of each month. A simple but effective schedule: taste a soup, listen together to tales or antique stories of a sort, trade bits of knowledge, drink a beer…everything with that natural and magical taste able to bring people together.


A moment of meeting with only one purpose: to feel good. The animator of the evening will be a surprise.


h. 18,30 Habits in lunar cults


Lunar cults in Alpine’s tradition – From the sky to the earth: customs, practices e influencies connected to the importance of the Moon.
Lecturer Manuela Quaglia

h. 18,30 –Kabbalah, mysterious tradition


Let us talk about KABBALAH –  The path and the mystery of the most ancient still existing Tradition regarding sounds, numbers and shapes.
Lecturer Marco Cestari – dinner will follow

Friday 24 August
h. 18,30 –  Sauris’ Geology


Let us talk about Geology – Read and understand the alpine’s landscape: how the beautiful landscape of Sauris was and Friulian Dolomites were born.
Lecturer Gianpaolo Droli

SATURDAY 25 August
h. 9,00 – Geological excursion


GUided excursion on the territory to know the geological structure of Sauris, Cuorier Gianpaolo Droli. Duration 5h.– packed lunch

FRIDAY 21 September
h. 18,30 – Solar cults in the Alps


Solar cults in Alpine’s tradition – From the sky to the earth: customs, practices e influencies connected to the importance of the Sun.
Lecturer Manuela Quaglia – follows dinner

FRIDAY 12 October
h. 19,00 – Harp’s concert


Dinner with autumnal concert – Serena Vizzutti and her harp

FRIDAY 2 November
h. 18,30 – I Benandanti (The “goodtravelers”)


Processions – Gatherings of “Benandanti” and gathering of Spirits in popular traditions.
Lecturer Paolo Morganti and Paolo Paron – follows dinner

FRIDAY 3 January
h. 18,30 – The Streghe “Carniche” (Carnic Witches)


Witches –  The carnic “witch”: rites and healing potions of the tradition. Follows “witches’ dinner” with dessert and bewitched rumtop.
Lecturers Stefania Conte, Lucia Protto

SATURDAY 16 February
ore 21,00 – Astronomical Evening


Astronomical Evening – The Winter Stars, the dominant constellation
Lecturers Felice Troiero

Aperitivi al Club Lateis

Every Thursdays, from 5 p.m.


July, 19th – at Pà Khraizar – music


July, 26th – at Riglarhaus – about cheese, with Francesca Domini


August, 2nd – at PàKhraizar – music


August, 9th – at Riglarhaus – Albert Domini with his “Mogado fruit cocktail”


August, 16th – at Pà Khraizar – Arturo and Lucia tell about Sauris


August, 23rd – at Riglarhaus – music


August, 30th – at Pà Khraizar – about cheese with Sebastiano


Semptember, 6th – at Riglarhaus, music